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A Day with Blue Carrot

I've been staring at this screen hoping the words would just type themselves, not sure why this has been so difficult to write? It was one of the most inspiring days of Luna In The Wild's life, being around one of my Florist idols was a dream come true, therefore it should be easy to write this blog post right?! No! It was so good, I don't know if I have the words to do it justice, so I'll let the photos do the talking you go, my day down in beautiful Cornwall with Susanne from Blue Carrot inspiring me and Annie from Honeybunch aka my flower twin! xxx

Our Story: How I got here


Growing up I never knew what I wanted to be. I got asked all the time and I never had a decent answer, let alone a flipping clue! I would usually say the first thing that came into my head - Post Lady, Police Lady were two of my go-tos, and that wasn't because I had any aspirations to be them, I probably just saw the village Post Lady walk passed when I was asked and I had an amazing plastic Police car toy that I was obsessed driving around the garden! So as you can see, having a clear career dream was completely off my agenda, I just knew I loved playing and being outside!


School was okay for me, I was a pretty average student, didn't excel at anything outstandingly, I did okay lots of B's but I did learn I got a major buzz from Art and I flipping loved learning about the world & nature in Geography.

Art was never a degree option to pursue, family didn't approve and being a massive people pleaser, I obliged, so Geography it was! Well, Environmental Management to be exact, but who's monitoring?!

One 2:1 hons degree later, then came work! Jesus, they don't teach you how flipping hard it is to leave uni and become a professional, it is a bloody hard transition, one I only now think got to grips with, 11 years later!

(Sorry this is turning into a bit of an essay, bare with, thanks for sticking around by the way!)


I then worked for a brilliant company called Soil Association in Bristol, who champion & certify Organic farming practises. It was everything I believed in, sustainable greener living, related exactly to my degree, happy days! But then the London itch started, my then boyfriend (now husband!) lived in the big smoke, all my close uni & school friends were there living it up, basically the desire to join them got too much. So I moved!

Landed a 'Devil Wears Prada' style job working for YOU magazine as a assistant. It was there a spark was lit and I saw all these amazing styled shoots and got exposed to seriously inspiring female role models. Two that have stuck with me 5 years on are Susanne of Blue Carrot and Vic of Scarlet & Violet. Two florist who blew me away with their businesses and creative genius! Years later one would become my mentor and boss!

The rest of my 20s was spent earning and spending everything I earnt on wining, dining, and clothes. It was fun! I did manage to save a bit I wasn't too flash with my cash!


Then I took the crazy decision to move from my gorgeous magazine office family to a marketing team. 6 months in, I was made redundant! And to add to the misery I found a lump in my breast the day I found out my role was being filled by graduates, sh!t, on sh!t, with a side of sh!t. The universe was trying to tell me something, in a not so subtle way, sort your life out! Lump got tested and turned out to be the C word, not C U next Tuesday, but Cancer. To be honest, Cancer is very much the other C word too (sorry mum if you're reading this!) Cancer makes you swear!

9 months of treatment, with your life on hold at aged 29 was a mental battle everyday, not to mention the physical disruption too! 4 operations, a month of fertility hormone injecting, 8 rounds of chemo, one bald head, constant nausea & foggy brain, all toped off with radiotherapy every single week day for 4 weeks straight! Frustrated, scared, positive one min, in a dark cloud the next, it was agonising at times, but I got through it. And you know what 9 months of no work and all hospital treatments gives you...a lot of time to think! I made the promise to myself that I would never do anything that wasn't true to what I believe in again. And the first thing I promised was to listen to my creative side and make a living out of it. Florist life here I come!


This blog post is most definitely too long for one sitting, thank you for reading this far! Part two all about finding my Florist feet and becoming Luna In the Wild Flower Studio tomorrow!