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Travel Inspiration: Florence, Italy (can I move there please!)

I think Florence is my new spiritual home. The food, the art, the light & atmosphere, honestly I felt this is where I am meant to be! Too much?! That is seriously what Florence does to you, well it did to me!

Carb loading is something I aspire to do everyday but rarely let myself do, in Florence it is actively encouraged! Pasta, bread, pizza, it's all there in abundance, at every restaurant, during every meal, even every course! Multiple carbs during one meal is the norm! HEAVEN! You seriously can't get it wrong either, everywhere you turn there is a cool, little, independent place to dine, stuff your face, gorge on, it's a-buzz with excellent food!

If food isn't your thing, but honestly not sure why it wouldn't be if you went to Florence, the available art and cultural things to see and do is ridiculous! We most definitely we're culture vultures for 3 days solid, we couldn't get enough, it's EVERYWHERE! And it's so easy to explore, everything is walking distance. B.L.I.S.S!!!!! No transport dramas here, aka heaven!

Now I've been once, I want to keep going back, it was the best long weekend abroad with my husband. Planning the next Firenze trip now!

M xxx