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Our Story pt 2: Luna In The Wild was born

So 'tomorrow' for the part two blog post turned into a few weeks later, sorry! Right here we go, part two.....

After two fantastic, inspiring, couldn't-believe-I-was working-there years at Scarlet & Violet, the weight of living so far from family and fields become too much to bear any longer. And after A LOT of talking with my husband, we decided to put our London Flat on the market, and within a week it was SOLD! Aaaah things just got really real!

We had been dreaming of returning back to our West Country roots (I'm from nr Exeter, he's from nr Bath) for so many years you would have thought we would be jumping for joy, and we were, for a weekend when many a wine did flow to celebrate. However now it meant everything we had grown to accept as our norm was about to change dramatically. I was going to become self employed, work from a home I didn't know the area of AT ALL! And my husband was going to commute back and forth to the capital. To say we were anxious was an understatement, but that didn't put us off!

Fast forward a few months of solicitor admin, a few tears, parting with what felt like Monopoly money, we are all moved into the new abode, and oh my days does it feel good! 

Luna In The Wild now officially has it's workplace, a fabulous, light, wooden studio/shed. Luna has loads of space to run around in and most importantly we are much closer to family! And after everything we've gone through, this is what is most important to us, a decent work/life balance with lots of family time.